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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Chart Options for V-Mask CUSUM Control Charts

Mask Color

(Available only when the Show V Mask option is selected.) Enables you to select a line color for the V-mask.

Show Shift

Shows or hides the shift that you entered in the launch window.

Show V Mask

Shows or hides the V-mask based on the statistics that you specified in the CUSUM Control Charts launch window.

Show Parameters

Shows or hides a report that summarizes the CUSUM charting parameters.

Show ARL

Shows or hides the average run length (ARL) information. The average run length is the expected number of samples taken before an out-of-control condition is signaled:

ARL (Delta), sometimes denoted ARL1, is the average run length for detecting a shift in the size of the specified Delta.

ARL(0), sometimes denoted ARL0, is the in-control average run length for the specified parameters (Montgomery 2013).

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