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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Clustering Script-Only Messages

The following messages for a Hierarchical Cluster object are available only in JSL:

hierarchical_cluster_object << Get Column Names;
hierarchical_cluster_object << Get Clusters;
hierarchical_cluster_object << GetDisplayOrder;
hierarchical_cluster_object << GetColumnDisplayOrder;
hierarchical_cluster_object << Get Distance Matrix;
hierarchical_cluster_object << Standardize( 0|1 );

The following messages for a KDTable object are available only in JSL:

kdtable_object << Distance between rows( row1, row2 );
kdtable_object << Insert rows( number|[ vector ] );
kdtable_object << K nearest rows( stop, <position> );
kdtable_object << Remove rows( number|[ vector ] );
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