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Publication date: 11/10/2021


This section covers actions that you can perform on columns in a data table, such as creating, grouping, setting and getting attributes and properties, and so on.

Send Messages to Data Column Objects

Create Columns

Create a New Column by Text Matching

Add Several Columns at Once

Group Columns

Use Set Selected to Select Columns

Rearrange and Move Columns

Recode Columns

Add a Column Switcher

Compress Selected Columns

Create Custom Functions, Transforms, and Formats

Custom Transform Example

Delete Columns

Get Column Names

Column Attributes

Column Properties

Note: JMP can display math symbols and Greek letters (controlled in Preferences in the Font category). This means that if you save a column (such as T square limits), the column name could either be “T Square Limits” (no special characters) or “T2 Limits” (with special characters). Any reference using the column name must match the name exactly, or it fails.

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