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JSL Syntax Reference > JSL Functions > Comment Functions
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Comment Functions

// comment


Comments to end of line.


Everything after the // is ignored when running the script.

/* comment */


A comment that can appear in the middle of a line of script.


Anything between the beginning tag /* and the end tag */ is ignored when running the script. This comment style can be used almost anywhere, even inside lists of arguments. If you place a comment inside a double-quoted string, the comment is treated merely as part of the string and not a comment. You cannot place comments in the middle of operators.



are invalid and produce errors. The first comment interrupts += and the second interrupts :name.

sums = {(a+b /*comment*/), /*comment*/ (c^2)}

is valid JSL; the comments are both ignored.



If placed on the first line of a script, this comment line causes the script to be run when opened in JMP without opening into the script editor window.


You can over-ride this comment when opening the file. Select File > Open. Hold the Ctrl key while you select the JSL file and click Open. Or right-click the file in the Home Window Recent Files list and select Edit Script. The script opens into a script window instead of being executed.

/*debug step*/

/*debug run*/


If placed on the first line of a script, the script is opened in the debugger when it is run.


All letters must be lowercase. There must be one space between debug and step or run, and there must be no other spaces present. Only one of these lines can be used, and it must be the first line of the script; a first line that is blank followed by this comment negates the debug command.

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