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Basic Analysis > Oneway Analysis > Compare Means > Compare Means Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Compare Means Options

The Means Comparisons reports contain a red triangle menu with the following options:

Difference Matrix

Shows or hides a table of all differences of means.

Confidence Quantile

Shows or hides the critical value(s) and significance level (α) used for the means comparison procedure.

LSD Threshold Matrix

(Not available for the Newman-Keuls test.) Shows or hides a matrix of pairwise differences of means minus the least significant difference for those means. A positive value indicates a pair of means that are significantly different.

Connecting Letters Report

(Available only for the Student’s t, Tukey’s HSD, and the Newman-Keuls tests.) Shows or hides the traditional letter-coded report where means that do not share a letter are significantly different.

Ordered Differences Report

(Available only for the Student’s t and Tukey’s HSD tests.) Shows or hides all pairwise positive-side differences, standard error of the difference, confidence intervals, p-values, and a plot of the magnitude of the difference with overlaid confidence intervals. Confidence intervals that do not fully contain their corresponding difference bar indicate means that are significantly different from each other.

Detailed Comparisons Report

(Available only for the Student’s t test.) Shows or hides a detailed report for each comparison. Each section shows the difference between the levels, standard error and confidence intervals, t-ratios, p-values, and degrees of freedom. A plot illustrating the comparison appears on the right of each report.

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