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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Compare Multiple Variables

Use multiple-variable graphs to visualize the relationships and patterns between two or more variables. This section covers the following graphs:

Table 4.1 Multiple-Variable Graphs

Compare Multiple Variables Using Scatterplots

Use scatterplots to compare two continuous variables.

Compare Multiple Variables Using a Scatterplot Matrix

Use scatterplot matrices to compare several pairs of continuous variables.

Compare Multiple Variables Using Side-by-Side Box Plots

Use side-by-side box plots to compare one continuous and one categorical variable.

Compare Multiple Variables Using a Variability Chart

Use variability charts to compare one continuous Y variable to one or more categorical X variables. Variability charts show differences in means and variability across several categorical X variables.

Compare Multiple Variables Using Graph Builder

Use Graph Builder to create and change graphs interactively.

Compare Multiple Variables Using Overlay Plots

Use overlay plots to compare one or more variables on the Y-axis to another variable on the X-axis. Overlay plots are especially useful if the X variable is a time variable, because you can compare how two or more variables change across time.

Compare Multiple Variables Using Bubble Plots

Bubble plots are specialized scatterplots that use color and bubble sizes to represent up to five variables at once. If one of your variables is a time variable, you can animate the plot to see your other variables change through time.

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