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Scripting Guide > Compatibility Notes > Compatibility Issues in JMP 16.0
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Compatibility Issues in JMP 16.0

Copy File(), Move File(), Rename File(), and Delete File()

In JMP 15.0, copying a file, moving a file, renaming a file, and deleting a file that didn't exist returned 0. Now, these actions throw an error.

Row Selection() and Case Sensitivity

Match Case, Match Case(), Match Case(1) and a missing Match Case do a case sensitive match in Row Selection(). Match Case(0) does a case insensitive match. Previously, Row Selection() matched case insensitively if Match Case was not supplied.

Target Level Column Property

You can use the new Target Level column property to specify the level of interest in binary logistic regression models. The default level is High. The main effects will be in the slope of the logistic probability curve, the signs of the linear model estimates, the profiler shape, and the ROC target. Be aware that some scripts that assume the target level in Fit Model or Fit Y by X logistic regression models should be checked.

Opening Multiple Data Tables

Open() returns a list of data tables if multiple data tables are created (for example, when importing PDF, HDF5, or Excel files). Previously, the Open() command returned a single table, even if multiple tables were created in the process.

Format(), Informat(), and Variations

The results of Format(), Informat() and their variations are written to the log if the format is invalid. Previously, they returned m/d/y when the format was invalid.

Graph Background Color Preference in Contour Plots

The Graph Background Color preference no longer affects the Contour Plot legend background color. Previously, the background color was applied to both the graph background and the legend background.

Set Auto Stretching and Get Auto Stretching for Display Boxes are Deprecated

Use Set Stretch and Get Stretch instead.

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