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Scripting Guide > Creating Applications > Create Applications with Application Builder
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Create Applications with Application Builder

Application Builder’s drag-and-drop interface lets you visually design windows with buttons, lists, graphs, and other objects. This saves you the step of writing scripts to create these objects.

Application Builder also helps boost the productivity of experienced JMP Scripting Language (JSL) programmers. You can start designing a program in Application Builder and edit the automatically generated scripts. Integrate your own scripts to create even more powerful custom applications.

You can use Add-In Builder with Application Builder. First, use Application Builder to write complex scripts that create new platforms and interact with users and JMP. Then, use Add-In Builder to easily distribute your complex scripts so that any JMP user can access them without having to open and run the scripts. See Compile Add-Ins with the JMP Add-In Builder


Creating simple applications in Application Builder requires little to no JSL programming. However, to create most simple applications, Dashboard Builder might be sufficient. Dashboard Builder provides a subset of features that are found in Application Builder. See Combine JMP Reports by Creating a Dashboard in Using JMP.

In each version of JMP, Application Builder takes advantages of new features that are not supported in earlier releases. For maximum compatibility, we recommend that you create applications in the earliest version of JMP that the application will be run in.

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