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Scripting Guide > Creating Projects
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Creating Projects

Organizing Project Files in JMP

A JMP project provides a way to organize files that you use in an analysis. You can add JMP files (reports, data tables, scripts, journals, and so on) and non JMP files, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files. After you perform an analysis, the data table, report, and graph appear in the project on tabs. You can display multiple reports or graphs, display the project or script editor log, and run scripts from the project. Reports and graphs remain linked to the data table.

Projects help you avoid the clutter of several open JMP windows. You can maximize the project window to have a bigger view of the project. And when you save the project, the state of the project is saved (for example, the open reports and the layout of the window).


Create a Simple Project

Create a Project with a Bookmarks Pane and Log

Running Scripts in a Project

Create a Bookmark Group

Close Tabs in Projects

Get a Project

Reset the Window Layout

Run Startup Scripts to Control Workspaces

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