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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Cumulative Damage

Model Product Deterioration with Variable Stress over Time

Cumulative damage models, which include step-stress models, enable you to analyze an accelerated life test where the stress levels might be changed over time. The stress can be applied by many different forces: load, temperature, pressure. A typical cumulative damage experiment consists of multiple test units. Each unit has an initial stress level, and the stress level can be changed throughout the experiment. The response is the failure time or time-to-event. The platform plots the failure events and enables you to fit multiple distributions to your data.

Figure 5.1 Example of Cumulative Damage ReportĀ 

Example of Cumulative Damage Report


Overview of the Cumulative Damage Platform

Example of the Cumulative Damage Platform

Launch the Cumulative Damage Platform

Time to Event
Stress Pattern

The Cumulative Damage Report

Event Plot
Stress Patterns Report
Model List
Model Results

Cumulative Damage Platform Options

Stress Patterns Options

Additional Example of the Cumulative Damage Platform

Example of Simulating New Data
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