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Publication date: 11/10/2021


Model Product Deterioration over Time

Using the Degradation platform, you can analyze degradation data to predict pseudo failure times. These pseudo failure times can then be analyzed by other reliability platforms to estimate failure distributions.

Both linear and nonlinear degradation paths can be modeled. You can specify an accelerating factor to analyze accelerated degradation data.

You can also perform stability analysis, which is useful when setting pharmaceutical product expiration dates.

Figure 7.1 Degradation Analysis Example 

Degradation Analysis Example


Overview of the Degradation Platform

Example of the Degradation Platform

Launch the Degradation Platform

The Degradation Reports

Model Specification

Simple Linear Path
Nonlinear Path

Inverse Prediction

Prediction Graph

Degradation Platform Options

Model Reports

Model Lists

Destructive Degradation

Stability Analysis

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