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Using JMP > Create Formulas in JMP > Edit Formulas > Delete Functions Formulas
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Delete Functions Formulas

Deleting a function also deletes its arguments; deleting a required argument or missing term from a function sometimes deletes the function as well. In the JMP Formula Editor, you can peel a function to delete it from its argument.

To peel a function from a single argument, follow these steps:

1. Select the function.

2. Click the peel button Image shown here in the Formula Editor keypad. Or use the hand tool to drag the argument on top of its function.

Figure 7.18 Peeling an Argument 

Peeling an Argument

3. Complete formula changes.

4. Click Apply, and the new values fill the data table column automatically.

5. Once you have created a formula, you can change values in columns that are referenced by your formula. JMP automatically recalculates all affected values in the formula’s column.

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