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Basic Analysis > Contingency Analysis > Tests > Description of the Tests Report
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Description of the Tests Report


Total number of observations.


Records the degrees of freedom associated with the test. The degrees of freedom are equal to (c - 1)(r - 1), where c is the number of columns and r is the number of rows.


Negative log-likelihood, which measures fit and uncertainty (much like sums of squares in continuous response situations). See Likelihood, AICc, and BIC in Fitting Linear Models.

Rsquare (U)

Portion of the total uncertainty attributed to the model fit.

An R2 of 1 means that the factors completely predict the categorical response.

An R2 of 0 means that there is no gain from using the model instead of fixed background response rates.

See Tests Report.


Lists two Chi-square statistical tests of the hypothesis that the response rates are the same in each sample category. See Tests Report.


Lists the probability of obtaining a Chi-square value greater than the one computed if no relationship exists between the response and factor. If both variables have only two levels, Fisher’s exact probabilities for the one-tailed tests and the two-tailed test also appear.

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