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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Design Generation

When you construct a main effects screening design, the Design Generation outline enables you to specify the number of runs. To generate the design, click Make Design.


A lower bound on the number of runs necessary to avoid failures in design generation. When you select Minimum, the resulting design is saturated. There are no degrees of freedom for error.

Note: If you select the Minimum number of runs, there is no error term for testing. You cannot test parameter estimates. This choice is appropriate only when the cost of additional runs is prohibitive.


Suggests the number of runs. This value is based on heuristics for creating a balanced design with at least four runs more than the Minimum number of runs.

User Specified

Specify the number of runs that you want. Enter that value into the Number of Runs text box. This option enables you to balance the cost of additional runs against the potential gain in information.

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