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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Design Generation

JMP provides a suggested number of runs, determined as follows:

If you are not augmenting a data table, the number of runs is four times the number of parameters plus two.

If you are augmenting a data table, the number of runs is the number of runs in the data table plus two times the number of parameters.

Note: If you are augmenting a design, the number of runs that JMP suggests or that you specify includes those runs corresponding to observations in your data table. Adjust the number of runs appropriately.


When you click Make Design, JMP constructs the design and adds a Design outline to the Nonlinear Design window. In the Design outline, you can review the factor level settings.

Make Table or Augment Table

The Make Table button creates a new design table. If your original table included existing runs, the new table also includes the existing runs. The Augment Table button adds the new runs to your existing table.

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