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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Example of Standardizing a Formula

If you have applied a formula to a column, and you want to apply that same formula to additional columns in the data table, use the Substitute Column Reference option.

Note: This option is dependent upon the location of the column that is referenced in the original formula. For example, if your original formula is based on the previous column, then any other formulas applied to additional columns are based on their previous columns.

For example, the Blood sample data table contains blood pressure measurements taken on five subjects three times each day, over a period of three days. You want to find the log of each blood pressure (BP) column.

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Blood

Create nine new columns, one for each existing BP column.

2. Select Cols > New Columns.

3. Add nine columns.

4. Click OK.

Apply your original formula:

5. Right-click Column 12 1 and select Formula.

6. Select BP 8M.

7. Select Transcendental > Log.

8. Click OK.

Column 12 1 now contains the log of the BP 8M column. You want the rest of the empty columns to contain the log of the remainder of the BP columns.

9. In the data table, select all of the new columns that you created, including the one with the original formula (columns 12 1 through 12 9).

10. Select Cols > Standardize Attributes.

11. In the Standardize Properties panel, click Column Properties and select Formula.

12. Select the check box next to Substitute Column Reference.

13. Leave BP 8M selected.

You want that column reference to be substituted in the subsequent column formulas.

14. Click OK.

Now all of the new columns are populated with the log of the BP columns, in the order in which they appear. Column 12 1 contains the log for BP 8M, Column 12 2 contains the log for BP 12M, and so on.

See Copy and Replicate Formulas.

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