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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Find Messages for Objects

Some messages apply to all platform objects, and others are specific to certain platforms. Once you have created a platform object, find out what messages you can send to the object, using any of the following approaches:

Use the Scripting Index in JMP

1. Select Help > Scripting Index.

2. Enter the object type that you are interested in.

3. Click the correct object in the resulting list. Messages for the object appear in the Items list.

Once you have created a platform object, use the Show Properties( obj ) function

Replace obj with your named platform object. A list and brief description of all the messages the object can receive appears in the Log. To understand more about the Show Properties output, see Interpret the Show Properties List.

Tip: The Show Properties() function also works with data tables and display boxes. See How Can I See All of the Messages that Can be Sent to a Data Table Object? and The << Operator.

Examine the platform in JMP launch windows and report windows. Most options that you find there have JSL equivalents with the same names and arguments.

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