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Using JMP > Import Your Data > Import Text Files > Find Missing Characters in Imported Data
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Find Missing Characters in Imported Data

JMP attempts to detect the character encoding in your document. Sometimes the document might use an encoding that JMP does not recognize, or JMP might have chosen the wrong encoding.

Text that JMP does not recognize is replaced with a Unicode character Image shown here. Find the text by searching for \x{fffd}.

1. In the data table, select Edit > Search > Find.

2. Type \x{fffd} next to Find what.

3. Make sure that Use regular expressions is selected.

4. Make sure that Search data is selected.

5. Click Find to find the first instance.

6. Replace all instances with another string.

Figure 3.13 Searching for the Unicode Character 

Searching for the Unicode Character

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