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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Fit Least Squares Report

When you fit a model using the Standard Least Squares personality, you obtain a Fit Least Squares report. The content of the report is driven by the nature of the data and your selections in the Fit Model launch window.

Tip: To always see reports that do not appear by default, select them using File > Preferences > Platforms > Fit Least Squares.

Single versus Multiple Responses

When you fit a single response variable Y, the Fit Least Squares window organizes detailed reports in a report entitled “Response Y”. When you fit several responses, reports for individual responses are usually organized in a report entitled “Least Squares Fit”. However, if there is missing response data, and you select the option to Fit Separately, reports for individual responses are organized in a report titled “Fit Group”.

Report Structure Related to Emphasis

When you select the Effect Leverage Emphasis in the Fit Model launch window, the report for a given response is arranged in columns. The left column consists of the Whole Model report, which contains additional reports that pertain to the model. Reports for each effect in the model are shown in the columns to the right of the Whole Model report.

When you select either the Effect Screening or Minimal Report Emphasis in the Fit Model launch window, all reports for each response are arranged in the left column.

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