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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Fitting Menus

In addition to a report, each fitting option adds a fitting menu to the report window. The following table shows the fitting menus that correspond to each fitting option.

Fitting Option

Fitting Menu

Fit Mean

Fit Mean

Fit Line

Linear Fit

Fit Polynomial

Polynomial Fit Degree=X*

Fit Special

Linear Fit

Polynomial Fit Degree=X*

Transformed Fit X*

Constrained Fits

Fit Spline

Smoothing Spline Fit, lambda=X*

Kernel Smoother

Local Smoother

Fit Each Value

Fit Each Value

Fit Orthogonal

Orthogonal Fit Ratio=X*

Fit Robust

Robust Fit

Fit Cauchy

Cauchy Fit

Density Ellipse

Bivariate Normal Ellipse P=X*

Nonpar Density

Quantile Density Contours

*X=variable character or number

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