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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Formatting Conventions in JMP Documentation

These conventions help you relate written material to information that you see on your screen:

Sample data table names, column names, pathnames, filenames, file extensions, and folders appear in Helvetica (or sans-serif online) font.

Code appears in Lucida Sans Typewriter (or monospace online) font.

Code output appears in Lucida Sans Typewriter italic (or monospace italic online) font and is indented farther than the preceding code.

Helvetica bold formatting (or bold sans-serif online) indicates items that you select to complete a task:


check boxes


list names that are selectable



tab names

text boxes

The following items appear in italics:

words or phrases that are important or have definitions specific to JMP

book titles


Features that are for JMP Pro only are noted with the JMP Pro icon Image shown here. For an overview of JMP Pro features, visit

Note: Special information and limitations appear within a Note.

Tip: Helpful information appears within a Tip.

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