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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Frame Boxes

Frame Box<<Add Graphics Script(<order>,<description>, <script>)


Adds a script to draw graphics in the frame box.

Optional Arguments


Specifies the order in which the graphics elements are drawn. The value can be the keyword "Back" or "Forward" or an integer that specifies the drawing order for a number of graphics element. 1 means the object is drawn first.


A quoted string that appears in the Customize Graph window next to the graphics script. The description argument is quoted.


A JSL script.


In the following example, the graphics script draws the line first and then draws the other graphics elements: the grid lines, references lines, and markers that create the bivariate plot. Without the 1 order argument, the line is drawn last and covers up the markers.

dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
obj = dt << Bivariate( Y( :weight ), X( :height ) );
Report( obj )[FrameBox( 1 )] <<
Add Graphics Script(
	1, // draws the line first
	Description( "Pen Script" ),
	Pen Color( "red" );
	Pen Size( 5 );
	Y Function( 60 + 120 / 2 * (1 + Sine( (2 * Pi() * (x - 50)) / 22.5 )), x );

See Also

Specify the Order of Graphical Elements in the Scripting Guide

Frame Box<<Append Seg

Adds a display seg to the specified Frame Box.

Frame Box<<Background Color({RGB values}|<color>)

Changes the background color. Specify a list of RGB values or a quoted color.

Frame Box<<Child Seg

Returns the display seg child of the Frame Box.

Frame Box<<Edit Graphics Script

Brings up a dialog box to view, edit, or delete the current graphics scripts.

Frame Box<<Find Seg

Returns a display seg with the specified argument (for example, the name of a seg).

Frame Box<<Frame Size(x, y)

Resets the size of the frame, in pixel units.

Frame Box<<Make Table of Graphs Like This

Creates a data table of graphs.

Frame Box<<Marker Size(size)

Changes the marker size. The values are 0 (dot), 1 (small), 2 (medium), and so on.

Frame Box<<Row Colors(color)

Frame Box<<Row Markers(marker)

Frame Box<<Row Exclude(Boolean)

Frame Box<<Row Hide(Boolean)

Frame Box<<Row Label(Boolean)

Forwards commands to the data table associated with the report, so that the row states of selected rows can be manipulated. For Row Exclude, Row Hide, and Row Label, omitting the argument toggles the option. If the option is off, the message turns it on. If the option is on, the message turns it off.

frame box<<Set Background Fill(Boolean)

Enables or disables filling the background with the background color. Use this option when you want to paste a graph and make the background transparent.


dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
biv = Bivariate( y( weight ), x( height ) );
rbiv = biv << Report;
framebox = rbiv[Frame Box( 1 )];
// set background color
framebox << Background Color( "red" );
// for demonstration purposes: wait to see the color change
Wait( 1 );
// turn off background fill color
framebox << Set Background Fill( 0 );

frame box<<X Axis(<Min(minimum)>, <Max(maximum)>, <Inc(n)>, <named arguments>)

Scales the X coordinate system.

frame box<<Y Axis(<Min(min)>, <Max(max)>, <Inc(n)>, <named arguments>)

Scales the Y coordinate system.

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