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Scripting Guide > Three-Dimensional Scenes > Improve the Display of Graphics
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Improve the Display of Graphics

Hardware acceleration determines how fast and smoothly graphics are drawn. On Windows, hardware acceleration is turned off by default.

Note: JMP uses OpenGL 1.1 to perform 3-D rendering.

If you need OpenGL and have the hardware support, turn on hardware acceleration in one of the following ways:

Right-click the graph and select Use Hardware Acceleration.

Send the Use Hardware Acceleration(1) message to the scene box.

In your script, set the global variable Scene3DHardwareAcceleration = 1; If you want hardware acceleration to be the default across runs of JMP, add it to your jmpStartAdmin.jsl file. Because it is a global variable, it will remain in effect until changed.

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