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Scripting Guide > JSL Building Blocks > Inquiry Functions
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Inquiry Functions

Inquiry functions identify the type of an element, such as a string, list, or matrix. You can then write a script specific to that element type.

JMP also uses inquiry functions to determine the writability of a directory or file and to identify a computer’s operating system and the JMP version.

General Element Types

The Type() function returns a string naming the type of the resulting value. For example:

Show( Type( 1 ), Type( "hi" ), Type( {"a", 2} ), Type( [10 24 325] ) );

results in:

Type(1) = "Integer"

Type("hi") = "String"

Type({"a", 2}) = "List"

Type([10 24 325]) = "Matrix";

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