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JSL Syntax Reference > JSL Messages > JMP Applications > JMP App Module Instance
Publication date: 11/10/2021

JMP App Module Instance

The JMP application module instance is a running realization of a JMP app module, a window on the screen, or a collection of display box elements that can be inserted into another window.

inst<<Create Objects

Appears in the default template for a JMP app module script. This message controls the point at which the display and window for a module instance are created. The message appears in the script so that the script writer can choose to do certain setup before the objects are created. One example of this setup is for a parameterized application.

inst<<Get Box

Returns a handle to the top-most display box associated with a module instance. This might be useful to issue display or window commands, such as the Save to PDF or Close Window messages.

inst<<Get Namespace

Like JMP App(), each JMP application module instance also creates an anonymous namespace for all variables created in the module script. The namespace also includes all the variables that represent the display boxes in the module. This namespace contains a default symbol named thisModuleInstance that refers to itself.

inst<<Get User Data

inst<<Set User Data

Stores and retrieves a JSL value in the JMP application module instance. The value could be a number, quoted string, list, associative array, or other JSL type that is returned with the Type() function.

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