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Publication date: 11/10/2021


The JMP App object is the main controller for JMP applications built by Application Builder or Dashboard Builder. Scripts both inside and outside of a JMP application can use a JMP App object.

A JMP application can have one of three states: initial (with no editor, and the application is not running), running, or editing. A JMP App object only exists in one state at a time; if you are editing a JMP Application and choose to run it, a copy of the JMP application is created before it is run.

app<<Combine Windows({reports or data tables})


Combines the given list of platform reports or data tables into a new module. The application should be in the initial state when this message is sent.


Invokes the JSL Debugger on a JMP application. The application script will run first. The Debugger then breaks as each module is created, invoking the module scripts. In the Debugger, set breakpoints to debug the scripts that are associated with the application or modules.


Starts Application Builder on a JMP application that is in the initial state. There is no editor, and the application is not running.

app<<Get Modules

Gets the list of modules associated with an application. In Application Builder, each module corresponds to a tab in the workspace, which describes the layout and behavior for one type of window in the application.

app<<Get Namespace

The JMP App() object automatically creates an anonymous namespace for the variables created within the application script. Use this message to get a handle to this namespace to inspect or modify variables. There is a default symbol in this namespace called thisApplication, which holds a reference to the application itself.

app<<Get Windows

Gets a list of all windows created as instances of JMP app modules. Some modules might create more than one instance. All windows might not exist at the same time, so the number of windows might vary and might differ from the number of modules.

app<<Open File(path)

Resets the state of an existing application from a the .jmpapp or .jmappsource file. path is quoted.

app<<Relaunch Analysis

Creates a new copy of a running application and runs the new instance.


Runs the application. The application script runs first, and depending on settings, one or more JMP app module instance objects might be created automatically.

app<<Save Script to Add-In

app<<Save Script to Data Table

app<<Save Script to Journal

app<<Save Script to Script Window

Saves the script for the application to the given destination. An application script consists of a JMP App() object that contains the definition for the application. Scripts saved to an add-in, data table, or journal include a Run message to run the application. A script saved to the script window includes an Edit message to open Application Builder.

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