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Publication date: 11/10/2021


jnl<<Save HTML(<path>, <format>)

Saves the journal as HTML.

Optional Arguments


Specifies the quoted path for the saved HTML file (for example, "c:/myFile.html").


Specifies the quoted graphic file format. JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats are supported. The graphics are saved in a subdirectory named gfx.

jnl<<Save RTF(<path>, <format>)

Saves the journal as an RTF file.

Optional Arguments


Specifies the quoted path for the saved RTF file (for example, "c:/myFile.rtf").


Specifies the quoted file format for the embedded graphics. "JPG", "PNG", and "EMF" formats are supported on Windows. All journals are saved as PDF files by default on macOS.


If no path or format are provided, you are prompted to name the file and specify the format on Windows. On macOS, you are prompted to name the file. The file is saved as a PDF file by default.

jnl<<Save PDF(<path>, <Show Page Setup(Boolean)>, <Portrait(Boolean)>)

Saves the journal as a PDF file.

Optional Arguments


The quoted path for the saved PDF file (for example, "c:/myFile.pdf").

Show Page Setup

If set to true, opens the Page Setup window to let the user change the margin, magnification level, and other page layout options.


Determines whether the page orientation is portrait or landscape. Overrides the user’s selection in the Show Page Setup window.

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