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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Latent Class Model Options

The Latent Class Model for <k> Clusters red triangle menu contains the following options:

Model Reports

Enables you to show or hide the available model reports. For more information about the model reports, see The Latent Class Analysis Report.

Color by Cluster

Colors each row in the data table according to its most likely cluster. For an example, see Additional Example of the Latent Class Analysis Platform.

Save Mixture and Cluster Formulas

Saves a formula column to the data table for each cluster as well as a formula column for the most likely cluster.

Save Cluster Formula Only

Saves a column to the data table with a formula that determines the most likely cluster.

Image shown herePublish Probability Formulas

Creates probability formulas and saves them as formula column scripts in the Formula Depot platform. If a Formula Depot report is not open, this option creates a Formula Depot report. See Formula Depot in Predictive and Specialized Modeling.

Save Mixture Probabilities

Saves the values in the Mixture Probabilities table to the corresponding rows in the data table.

Save Cluster Only

Saves a new column to the data table that contains the most likely cluster for each row. This column does not contain a formula.

Rename Clusters

Enables you to give meaningful names to the clusters in the report.

Note: The new cluster names are not saved to a script unless you have specified a random seed for the report. Setting a random seed is available only when you launch the report via a script.

Remove Fit

Removes the specified clustering report from the report window.

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