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Predictive and Specialized Modeling > Model Comparison > Launch the Model Comparison Platform
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereLaunch the Model Comparison Platform

To launch the Model Comparison platform, select Analyze > Predictive Modeling > Model Comparison.

Figure 11.6 The Model Comparison Launch Window 

The Model Comparison Launch Window

For more information about the options in the Select Columns red triangle menu, see Column Filter Menu in Using JMP.

Y, Predictors

The columns that contain the predictions for the models that you want to compare. They can be either formula columns or just data columns. Prediction formula columns created by JMP platforms have either the Predicting or Response Probability column property. If you specify a column that does not contain one of these properties, the platform prompts you to specify which column is being predicted by the specified Y column.

For a categorical response with k levels, most model fitting platforms save k columns to the data table, each predicting the probability for a level. All k columns need to be specified as Y, Predictors. For platforms that do not save k columns of probabilities, the column containing the predicted response level can be specified as a Y, Predictors column.

If you do not specify any Y, Predictors columns, JMP uses the prediction formula columns in the data table that have either the Predicting or Response Probability column property.


The column that separates the data into groups, which are evaluated separately. If a Group column is not specified, JMP automatically recognizes when the same validation column has been used for all predictors and prompts you to add it as a grouping variable.

The other role buttons are common among JMP platforms. See Cast Selected Columns into Roles Buttons in Using JMP.

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