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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Make Table

Click Make Table to create a design table that contains the runs for your experiment.

Figure 11.17 Orthogonal Central Composite Design for Bounce Factors and Response 

Orthogonal Central Composite Design for Bounce Factors and Response

The Design note in the Table panel at the upper left gives the design type that generated the table (Central Composite Design). This information can be helpful if you are comparing multiple designs.

Pattern Column

A Pattern column gives a symbolic description of the run in each row in terms of the factor values.

Tip: Pattern can be a useful label variable in plots.

Table 11.1 Pattern Column Description


Low value


High value


Midrange (center) value


Low axial value


High axial value

Design Table Scripts

The design table includes the following scripts:


Runs the Analyze > Fit Model platform.

Evaluate Design

Runs the DOE > Design Diagnostics > Evaluate Design platform.

DOE Dialog

Re-creates the Response Surface Design window that you used to generate the design table. The script also contains the random seed used to generate your design.

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