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Predictive and Specialized Modeling > Matched Pairs Analysis
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Matched Pairs Analysis

Compare Measurements on the Same Subject

The Matched Pairs platform compares the means between two or more correlated variables and assesses the differences. For example, you might compare a blood pressure measurement taken on the same subject before a treatment and again after the treatment. A statistical method called the paired t test takes the correlated responses into account.

The platform produces a graph of the paired differences by the paired means, and the paired t test results for all three alternative hypotheses. Additional features provide for more than two matched responses and for a grouping column to test across samples, in a simple version of repeated measures analysis.

Figure 20.1 Example of Matched Pairs Analysis 

Example of Matched Pairs Analysis


Overview of the Matched Pairs Platform

Example of Comparing Matched Pairs

Launch the Matched Pairs Platform

Multiple Y Columns

The Matched Pairs Report

Difference Plot and Report
Across Groups

Matched Pairs Platform Options

Example Comparing Matched Pairs across Groups

Statistical Details for the Matched Pairs Platform

Graphics for Matched Pairs
Correlation of Responses
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