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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Matrix Boxes

Matrix Box<<Get

Returns the matrix contents.

Matrix Box<<Make Into Data Table(<Invisible(Boolean)|Private(Boolean)>)


Turns the matrix into a new data table. Invisible(1) hides the data table from view. An invisible data table can be open from the JMP Home Window or the Window menu. Private(1) opens the data table without displaying it in a data table window. A private data table is generally for scripts that want better control of the data table by not exposing it to general use.


A reference to the new data table.

Matrix Box<<Set Format(<width>, <decimal places>, <"Use Thousands Separator">)


Sets the numeric format for matrix elements.


A number of other formats can be set on matrix boxes. See Number Col Box<<Set Format(<width>|<width, decimal places>, <"Use Thousands Separator">) for more information about the syntax.

Matrix Box<<Sort(column number, ascending)

Sorts the rows of the matrix based on the column number specified by column_num. The default sort order is ascending.

If column number is 0, the sort is removed.

ascending is a Boolean value. If ascending is "True", the sort is performed in ascending order. If ascending is "False", the sort is in descending order.

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