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Profilers > Mixture Profiler > Mixture Profiler Platform Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Mixture Profiler Platform Options

Specify Factor Values

Opens a dialog for specifying factor values. The entered values should sum to1. If needed, JMP adjusts the specified values to feasible settings. The option is also available from the Change button on the report window.

Show Points

Shows or hides the individual points on the plot.

Show Current Value

Shows or hides the three-way crosshairs on the plot. The intersection of the crosshairs represents the current factor values. The Current X values above the plot give the exact coordinates of the crosshairs.

Show Constraints

Shows or hides the shading resulting from any constraints on the factors. Those constraints can be entered in the Lo Limits and Hi Limits columns above the plot, or in the Mixture Column Property for the factors.

Up Dots

Shows or hides the dotted lines corresponding to each contour. The dotted lines show the direction of increasing response values, so that you get a sense of direction.

Contour Grid

Draws contours on the plot at intervals that you specify.

Remove Contour Grid

Removes the contour grid if one is on the plot.

Factor Settings

A submenu of commands that enables you to save and transfer the Mixture Profiler settings to other parts of JMP. For more information on this submenu, see the discussion of the profiler in Factor Settings.

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