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Publication date: 11/10/2021

MSA Design

The Design outline shows the runs for the MSA design.

MSA Design Diagnostics

All diagnostics in the Design Diagnostics report are based on simulations that are computed from the sampling distributions of the appropriate mean squares. You can make changes to the variance estimate for each model factor. The design diagnostics update with changes to the variance estimates. This enables you to explore the ability of your design to measure your systems under different assumed models.

MSA Design Variance Estimates

The Variance Estimates report enables you to specify a variance estimate for each MSA model factor. Diagnostics are based on your variance estimates and include simulated confidence interval (CI) bounds. Simulated estimates and CI bounds are also provided for the probability of a response falling out of specifications. The specifications are defined by the lower and upper limits set for the response.

MSA Design Variance Proportions

The Variance Proportions report contains diagnostics for the estimated variance proportions based on the assumed variances.The report also includes simulated approximate CI bounds and measurement systems EMP classification probability. For more information about EMP classification see Classes of Process Monitors in Quality and Process Methods.

MSA Design Simulation Results and Options

The Simulation report contains box plots of the distribution of the simulated variance proportions used to estimate the variance proportions CI bounds. The simulations are based on a large number of trials.

The Simulation Results red triangle menu contains the following options:

Show Statistics

Opens summary statistics for each model factor.

Show Points

Shows or hides the points in the box plots that fall beyond the whiskers.

Make Data Table

Opens a data table of the simulation results.

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