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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereNaive Bayes

Classify Observations Using Probabilistic Assumptions

The Naive Bayes platform is available only in JMP Pro.

The Naive Bayes platform fits a model to predict the value of a categorical variable. Naive Bayes is a fast and computationally simple method. It is especially suitable for situations where there are a large number of predictors.

Figure 8.1 Example of Naive Bayes Analysis 

Example of Naive Bayes Analysis


Overview of the Naive Bayes Platform

Example of Naive Bayes

Launch the Naive Bayes Platform

The Naive Bayes Report

Fit Details Report
Response Column Report
Confusion Matrix Report
ROC Curves

Naive Bayes Platform Options

Additional Example of Naive Bayes

Statistical Details for the Naive Bayes Platform

Saved Probability Formulas
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