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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Node Options

This section describes the options on the red triangle menu for each node.

Split Best

Finds and executes the best split at or below this node.

Split Here

Splits at the selected node on the best column to split by.

Split Specific

Lets you specify where a split takes place. This is useful in showing what the criterion is as a function of the cut point, as well as in determining custom cut points. When specifying a splitting column, you can choose the following options for how the split is performed:

Optimal Value

Splits at the optimal value of the selected variable.

Specified Value

Enables you to specify the level where the split takes place.

Output Split Table

Produces a data table showing all possible splits and their associated split value.

Prune Below

Eliminates the splits below the selected node.

Prune Worst

Finds and removes the worst split below the selected node.

Select Rows

Selects the data table rows corresponding to this leaf. You can extend the selection by holding down the Shift key and choosing this command from another node.

Show Details

Produces a data table that shows the split criterion for a selected variable. The data table, composed of split intervals and their associated criterion values, has an attached script that produces a graph for the criterion.


Prevents a node or its subnodes from being chosen for a split. When checked, a lock icon appears in the node title.

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