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Design of Experiments Guide > Nonlinear Designs > Nonlinear Design Launch Window
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Nonlinear Design Launch Window

To use the Nonlinear Design platform, you must have an existing data table that contains the following:

A column for the response.

A column for each factor.

A column that contains a formula showing the relationship between the factors and the response. This formula must include the unknown parameters.

For information about formulas, see Create Formulas in JMP in Using JMP.

The table can contain values for the predictors and response. If it does, the design that you construct augments the design that is implicit in the table. There can be no row containing missing predictor values.

With your starting data table active, select DOE > Special Purpose > Nonlinear Design.

Figure 23.14 Nonlinear Launch Window 

Nonlinear Launch Window

Y, Response

The numeric column for response values.

X, Predictor Formula

The numeric column that contains the formula for the nonlinear model. This formula must contain parameters.


(Optional) A numeric column that assigns weights to the observations.

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