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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Numbers of Whole Plots and Subplots

JMP suggests default values for the Number of Whole Plots and Number of Subplots. These values are based on heuristics for creating a balanced design that allows for estimation of the effects specified in the Model outline.

If you enter missing values for Number of Whole Plots or Number of Subplots, JMP chooses values that maximize the D-efficiency of the design. The algorithm uses the values specified in the Split Plot Variance Ratio option. See Advanced Options > Split Plot Variance Ratio. The D-efficiency is given by the determinant of XV-1X, where V-1is the inverse of the variance matrix of the responses. See Goos (2002).

If you enter values for the Number of Whole Plots and Number of Subplots, Custom Design attempts to maximize the optimality of the resulting design. For more information about split-plot designs, see Jones and Goos (2007). For more information about designs with hard-to-change covariates, see Jones and Goos (2015).

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