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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Numeric Functions

You can create a formula that contains arithmetic operators that are commonly used in formulas. See Numeric Functions in the Scripting Guide for more information about syntax.


Returns a positive number of the same magnitude as the value of its argument. For example, |5| and |–5| both result in 5.


Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to its argument. For example, Ceiling(2.3) results in 3, while Ceiling(–2.3) results in –2.


Returns the largest integer less than or equal to its argument. For example, Floor(2.7) results in 2, but Floor(–0.5) results in –1.


Integrates an expression with respect to a scalar value, using the adaptive quadrature method from Gander and Gautschi (2000). For example, Integrate( Exp( -x ), x, 0, . ) results in 0.99999999986846.


Returns the remainder when the second argument is divided into the first. For example, Modulo(6, 5) results in 1.


Rounds the first argument to the number of decimal places given by the second argument. For example, Round(3.554, 2) rounds to 3.55 and Round(3.555, 2) rounds to 3.56.

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