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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Other Launch Window Options

Additional options are located in the lower left of the launch window. Alternatively, these options can be selected from the Categorical red triangle menu in the platform report window.

Grouping Option

Defines how to use grouping variables in the analysis when more than one grouping column is specified.


Analyzes the response for combinations of the grouping variables. The first column in the grouping list is the outermost group in the cross tabulation table.

Each Individually

Analyzes the response for each grouping variable individually.


Provides reports for combinations of the grouping variables as well as for each grouping variable individually.

Unique Occurrences within ID

Limits the counts to unique response levels within a participant. Specify a column as the ID using the ID role. This option is applicable only when Multiple Response by ID is selected, and it is not used for any other response types.

Count Missing Responses

Specifies that missing values be included as a category. Missing values can be either empty cells or a defined missing code in the Missing Value Codes column property. If a column contains only missing values, the missing values are counted regardless of this option. For multiple responses, a response is considered missing if all response categories are missing or for indicators, if all are zero.

Note: If this option is not selected, missing values are excluded from the analysis.

Order Response Levels High to Low

Orders the responses from high to low. (The default ordering is low to high.) This option applies only to the response, and does not apply to grouping categories.

Tip: Use the Value Order column property to define a specific category ordering. See Value Order in Using JMP.

Shorten Labels

Shortens value labels by removing prefixes and suffixes that are common to all labels.

Note: This option applies only to value labels, and does not apply to column names.

Include Responses Not in Data

Specifies that categories with no responses be included in the report. The categories with no responses must be specified in the Value Labels column property. This option applies only to responses. For grouping variables tabulations, include only categories with responses.

Include Response Categories in Excluded Rows

Specifies that response categories that appear only in excluded rows be included in the report. The counts for these categories are zero.

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