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Using JMP > JMP Preferences > Overview of JMP Preferences
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Overview of JMP Preferences

The Preferences command on the File menu (on the JMP menu on macOS) displays the Preferences window. See Figure 13.1. Each category is described in this chapter.

On Windows, changes that you make to preferences are stored in a version-specific JMP.PFS file located in one of the following folders:

C:/Users/<user name>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMP/16/

C:/Users/<user name>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMPPro/16/

On macOS, the preferences are stored in, which is located in ~/Library/Preferences/.

JMP looks for this file when you open the program and considers your changes to be the factory defaults. And all subsequent changes are stored in this file.

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