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Quality and Process Methods > CUSUM Control Charts > Overview of the CUSUM Control Chart Platform
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Overview of the CUSUM Control Chart Platform

A tabular CUSUM chart consists of two one-sided decision limits charts superimposed on one chart. The chart contains decision limits that signal when the process is out of control and places a shift line on the chart where the shift is suspected to have occurred. To use the CUSUM Control Chart platform, you must determine the smallest change in the mean that you consider important. You can view the CUSUM control chart in standard deviation units or in data units. For more information about tabular CUSUM charts, see Woodall and Adams (1998) and Montgomery (2013).

Another form of a cumulative sum control chart is the V-mask chart. To create a V-mask CUSUM chart, see V-Mask CUSUM Control Charts.

Note: The summary results in the CUSUM Control Chart platform do not always match the summary results in the V-mask CUSUM platform. Specifically, the summary results for a two-sided V-mask CUSUM chart do not match those from a CUSUM Control Chart with both Upper Side and Lower Side options selected. However, the one-sided summary reports from the CUSUM Control Chart platform and the V-mask CUSUM platform do match.

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