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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Parameter Estimates

The nominal logistic model fits a parameter for the intercept and slope for each of k 1 logistic comparisons, where k is the number of response levels. The Parameter Estimates report lists these estimates. Each parameter estimate can be examined and tested individually, although this is seldom of much interest.


Lists each parameter in the logistic model. There is an intercept and a slope term for the factor at each level of the response variable, except the last level.


Lists the parameter estimates given by the logistic model.

Std Error

Lists the standard error of each parameter estimate. They are used to compute the statistical tests that compare each term to zero.


Lists the Wald tests for the hypotheses that each of the parameters is zero. The Wald Chi-square is computed as (Estimate / Std Error)2.


Lists the observed significance probabilities for the Chi-square tests.

Covariance of Estimates

Reports the estimated variances of the parameter estimates, and the estimated covariances between the parameter estimates. The square root of the variance estimates is the same as those given in the Std Error section.

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