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Using JMP > Get Started with JMP > Platforms and Reports
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Platforms and Reports

JMP consists of platforms that are organized by the type of statistical analysis. For example, the Distribution platform produces a univariate analysis (the distribution of a single variable) using histograms, additional graphs, and reports. You might analyze data in the Distribution platform and then choose another platform to examine the data more thoroughly.

Platforms and reports work together in these ways:

1. The data table is the input for a platform. See Data Table Features.

2. The platform analysis starts in a launch window. See Launch Windows in Platforms.

3. The platform results appear in a report window. See Analysis Results in Reports.

Anatomy of a Typical JMP Session on Windows shows how a platform interacts with the data table and then displays the results in a report window. Information about using platforms is available in the JMP documentation library.

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