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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Plot Col Boxes

Plot Col Box<<Get As Matrix

Gets the values in a matrix, specifically a column vector.

Plot Col Box<<Get Labels

Gets the labels for each row.

Plot Col Box<<Remove Element(row number)

Removes an element from the column at the specified position.

Plot Col Box<<Set Labels({list})

Sets the labels for each row.

Plot Col Box<<Set Scale(minimum, maximum, <"format">, <width>, <decimal places>, <"Use Thousands Separator">)


Specifies the minimum and maximum values of the horizontal axis.


The format arguments specify a format that is used when the first two arguments are 0 and 1. A number of formats can be set on plot col boxes. See Number Col Box<<Set Format(<width>|<width, decimal places>, <"Use Thousands Separator">) for more information about the syntax.

Plot Col Box<<Set Values([matrix] or {list})

Sets values for the matrix (for numeric variables) or list (for character variables).

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