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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Plot Options


Choose a location-scale or a log-location-scale distribution.

Note: It is not recommended to fit a log-location-scale distribution model when you specify a Log transformation for the response column.


Choose a transformation function for the response Y and for the Time variable.

Note: If you apply the Log transformation to a column that contains nonpositive values, the rows with nonpositive values are omitted from the model fit. If you apply the Sqrt transformation to a column that contains negative values, the rows with negative values are omitted from the model fit.

Path Definition

Choose a linear or a nonlinear path for the regression model. For more information about each model, see Models.

Generate Report

Creates a report for the specified model. The first time you select Generate Report, a Model List outline is created. When you select Generate Report to fit other models, the Model List outline is updated and an outline is added for each model.

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