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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Prediction Formula

Pred Formula <colname> differs from Predicted <colname> in that it contains the prediction formula. Right-click in the Pred Formula <colname> column heading and select Formula to see the prediction formula. The prediction formula can require considerable space if the model is large. If you do not need the formula with the column of predicted values, use the Save Columns > Predicted Values option. For information about formulas, see Create Formulas in JMP in Using JMP.

The Prediction Formula option is useful for predicting values in new rows or for use with the profilers. The profilers are available in the Fit Least Squares report (Factor Profiling). However, when your data table includes formula columns, you can also use the profilers provided in the Graph menu. When you are analyzing multiple responses, accessing the profilers from the Graph menu can be useful.

Note: If you select Graph > Profiler to access the profilers, first save the formula columns to the data table using Prediction Formula and StdErr Pred Formula. Then place both of these formulas into the Y, Prediction Formula role in the Profiler window. After you click OK, specify whether you want to use PredSE <colname> to construct confidence intervals for Pred Formula <colname>. Otherwise, JMP creates a separate profiler plot for PredSE <colname>.

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