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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Preferences by JMP Platform

Each analysis report has a variety of plot and table options that are shown by default. However, there might be additional options that you want to see each time you run a particular analysis. For example, a bivariate analysis shows a scatterplot by default, but you might also always want to see a linear fit each time. By selecting the Platforms option in the left panel of the Preferences window, you can set the default options for analyses. (Analyses are run by using platforms, such as the Bivariate platform. Thus, the name of this category is Platforms.)

Highlight an analysis name in the Platforms list. Its available options appear in the Options box with the defaults selected.

Some platform preferences include a Set check box to control whether an option appears in a report.

To prevent an option from appearing in the report, next to an option, select Set but do not select the option.

To ensure an option appears in the report, select Set and select the option.

Click Reset Platform to Defaults to return the selected platform options to the default settings.

Click Reset to Defaults to return all platforms to their default settings.

Figure 13.8 Platforms Preferences 

Platforms Preferences

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