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Using JMP > JMP Preferences > Preferences for Internet Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Preferences for Internet Options

Internet Options specify settings for opening files from the Internet.

Figure 13.16 Internet Options 

Internet Options

Table 13.16 Preferences on the Internet Options Page



Internet Open Timeout

When you use Internet Open to open a web page, JMP waits the specified number of seconds before stopping the import due to an error. The default setting is 60 seconds.

Proxy Server

Specifies the proxy host. http (or https) needs to be included with the specification. http is assumed if no protocol is used.

Proxy Port

Specifies the port used to connect to the proxy host. If none is specified, the port is 1080 (for http) and 443 for all others (https). The default setting is 0.

Proxy User

Specifies an optional user for the proxy. Not all proxy settings require a user.

Bypass Proxy

Specifies an optional comma-separated list of hosts to bypass (that is, not going through a proxy). A user might want to filter out hosts that are behind the corporate firewall (which don’t require a proxy).

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