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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Preferences for JMP Projects

Projects preferences enable you to control how new empty projects are created, which tool windows appear, and more.

Figure 13.2 Projects Preferences 

Projects Preferences

Table 13.2 Preferences on the Projects Page



Create an empty project when starting JMP

Creates an empty project when you start JMP: Never, Always, or If no other project is open. Never is the default setting.

When no project window is active, open files in

Specifies how a new project is automatically created.

No Project

Doesn’t put the files in a project. This is the default setting.

Open Project or No Project

Puts the files in an open project if found or no project.

Open Project or New Project

Puts the files in an open project if found or a new project.

New Project

Puts the files in a new project.

Initial Tool Panes

Specifies which tool panes initially appear in a project. The Workspace, Contents, and Recent Files tools appear by default.

New Project Template

Specifies the project that you want to use as a template for new projects. The new project has the same window layout, linked documents, graphs, tool windows, and other project elements as the template.

Use Project Log Pane

Specifies when you want to view the project log rather than use the JMP log. Always is the default setting.

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